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NDIS Cleaning Service

NDIS Cleaning

NDIS Cleaning Service

Why choose Sash & Co.?

We provide cleaning with a purpose. To us, cleaning isn't about fulfilling our time-based obligations and leaving the job rushed or undone. Simply call or text message Sash on 0450 129 413, or send an email to, for a no-obligation, hassle-free quote. It's just that easy!


We believe that clients, both NDIS and otherwise, hire us to clean their living space to a high standard, that leaves it hospitable and welcoming. This is what cleaning is to us.

NDIS Home Cleaning Service
NDIS Cleaning Provider


To us, the NDIS is more than just an umbrella that unifies participants and providers to create the best outcomes for people with disabilities. We see it for what it really is: A scheme designed to help people from all walks of life live up to their potential regardless of the circumstances that they find themselves in.​


To that end, we understand that not everyone's needs will be the same, and we do our best to tailor our services to each of our clients. A great example was an elderly client who had trouble cleaning her floors and her bathroom, but desired to do the rest of the cleaning herself. She wanted to keep some of her independence, and we helped her do just that.​

Does the NDIS cover cleaning?

Absolutely. If your personal circumstances make it difficult or impossible to carry out certain tasks, then financial support for cleaning, gardening, or home maintenance may be available for you. If your disability makes it difficult to carry out certain tasks, like mopping or cleaning your bathroom or kitchen, then the NDIS may pay for these for you.

Sash & Co. is a fully registered and insured NDIS cleaning provider, and are able to offer our services to self-managed, plan-managed, and NDIA managed participants.

NDIS Cleaning Service in Wollongong
NDIS Registered Cleaning Service

What can I expect from an NDIS cleaner?

Sash & Co. can help with many of your household tasks. You'll see our services listed below, but if you don't find what you're looking for, let us know and we'll try to accommodate you.

Vaccuming carpet and flooring

Mopping tile, floorboards, or linoleum flooring

Cleaning toilets, showers, sinks, basins, and bath tubs

Dusting various surfaces and objects throughout your home

Neatly folding articles of clothing

Washing dishes and/or loading/unloading your dishwasher

Making the bed and arranging the sofa

Taking out the rubbish

Cleaning spills and stains

...and much more

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Get your fixed price quote.

The Social Importance of NDIS Cleaning Services

Efficient and trustworthy residential cleaning services for NDIS participants are important in securing the personal dignity of those who are not fully capable of performing all the essential home cleaning tasks for themselves. Sash & Co. Cleaning is proud to provide the best level of approved NDIS cleaning services in Wollongong and surrounding areas to the community.

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About NDIS Home Cleaning Services

NDIS is the acronym for the National Disability Insurance Scheme, which aims at providing financial support to people with permanent disabilities so they can live largely independent lives. There are several support components in the scheme and three management levels for which a person can qualify in Australia. One of these components is Supported Independent Living (SIL), which is where NDIS cleaning providers like Sash & Co. Cleaning fit in.

  • One of the primary objectives of SIL is to help disabled people with the everyday household tasks necessary for maintaining a semi-independent and safe home environment. This includes scheduled residential cleaning services specific to the individual and funded through the scheme, as a clean home is an essential consideration in maintaining the health of NDIS participants.

  • The three management levels for funding affects who may provide support services to NDIS participants. Only registered service providers may be contracted by an NDIA managed fund. Participants who self-manage their grant or have a Plan Manager should encourage their non-registered – but allowed – service providers to register with the NDIS, as there are many benefits for them and participants.

  • The NDIS Commission is responsible for regulating all registered service providers and ensuring that they always act honestly and professionally towards participants. The NDIS still recommends that participants conclude a written service agreement with the provider of their choice so that each party knows their responsibilities and that the Commission can verify that work is done thoroughly and to a high standard should a dispute arise.

Sash & Co. Cleaning Are NDIS Registered Cleaners

We are registered with the NDIS to provide residential cleaning services to participants at all three management levels. Our trained staff possess the necessary skills to work alongside the physical and personal challenges NDIS participants face in their everyday lives and will always act with the required diligence and compassion in NDIS cleaning. We provide the same services to NDIS participants as we do to regular, domestic cleaning clients, but with a few additional points.

  • We do regular cleanings and deep cleanings of all homes. However, when dealing with NDIS participants, who strive for independent living, we can also perform just the more strenuous tasks like cleaning the kitchen, scrubbing the bathroom or vacuuming the carpets, should it be the request of the NDIS participant. By doing only specific tasks, the participant retains the dignity and satisfaction of being responsible for the state of their home within their physical capabilities.

  • In general, we don’t need to conclude a contract before providing cleaning services; however, when dealing with the NDIS, it is beneficial for both parties to set out the desired tasks and outcomes in writing. This is especially important when we will only be doing specific tasks in the home. The contract does not replace our obligations towards clients as stipulated in consumer law.

  • By being an NDIS registered service provider, our work is monitored by the Commission for excellence and completion of the agreed tasks to a high standard. Not that we need this oversight to ensure our work is always flawlessly performed, but it is a good indicator for our clients that they can engage our services with confidence.


What Our NDIS Cleaning Service Does and Doesn't Entail

We are willing to do household cleaning tasks, even special functions by prior arrangement. As discussed during the initial consultation, the service cost depends on a thorough assessment of the work involved. We charge a fixed rate for each visit and not by the hour, making it easy to work us into your NDIS domestic cleaning budget.

  • We provide our own cleaning equipment and chemicals. (Full product datasheets are available on request.) We are also willing to use specific cleaning solutions provided by the client because we understand that some people are sensitive to non-natural degreasers and tile polish.

  • We do not clean delicate and/or specialised equipment. We do not clean medical spillage, including blood and other biological remains. We do not clean dangerous and/or toxic chemicals or waste. There are specialised companies for these tasks, and we'll gladly put you in contact with them should it be necessary.

  • Our priority is with our existing, booked clients, which means we are sometimes unavailable for immediate, short notice jobs. However, please enquire, as we might have a free hour or two for your cleaning emergency. We have a calendar on our website that shows our current availability as a rough guide; however, a quick call is the best.

  • We provide cleaning services daily, weekly or fortnightly, or at other intervals. These cleanings can be a regular cleaning or a special, deep cleaning. This is beneficial for NDIS participants, as we can, for example, thoroughly clean the bathroom and kitchen once a week and then the rest of the house once a month, even though the client does the latter to the best of their ability.

  • The list of our cleaning services for NDIS include: vacuuming carpets, mopping tiles, floorboards and linoleum flooring, cleaning toilets, showers, sinks, basins and bathtubs, dusting surfaces, neatly folding clothes, washing dishes and/or loading/unloading the dishwasher, making the beds, taking out the rubbish, cleaning spills and stains, and much more.

  • It is not necessary that the client is present during the cleaning visit. We just need access to the house or flat, which we'll arrange before the visit. The number of staff allocated to the job will depend on how much work there is; usually three for an initial cleaning and then a single cleaner for the scheduled tasks.

About Sash & Co. Cleaning in Wollongong

We are the first choice for NDIS registered cleaning services in Wollongong. We are licensed and fully insured, with all staff having been cleared and trained for the occupation of a domestic and commercial cleaner. Our service area is the greater area around Wollongong – check the guide for a complete list – and we can provide NDIS home cleaning in other areas by request.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, hassle-free quote regarding NDIS house cleaning with a sparkling difference in excellence.


Sash is a diligent, hard working professional who takes his work and comments from us seriously. We had the opportunity recently of returning to our previous cleaner who was unavailable for a while, but chose to stay with Sash. His cleaning is of the highest standard. We recommend Sash's cleaning services.


Reasonable price, easy communication and great service make Sash one of the most compatible cleaning service in the area. I hired him for an end lease cleaning service and got the bond fully returned. Definitely recommend!


Great service! Cleaner then when we moved in. Would highly recommend!!

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